New Jersey is one of ten states where you can write in anyone's name for president. Thanks to the unpopularity and mud slinging between our top presidential candidates, the number of write in votes for this election soared over last year. Are you surprised?

In Hudson county, 1,122 people wrote in names other than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as compared to just 190 in 2012 and in Essex county, there were 1,908 write ins compared to 276 in 2012.

Some of the write in names from New Jersey 101.5 listeners as discussed on my show and on social media were:

  • Brian J Demko: Uncle Floyd
  • Ricky Turek: Boo Radley
  • Ed Kaz: Big Joe Henry
  • Veronica Hearney: Snoopy!!!
  • Ted Kelly: Bernie
  • Bob Settelen: Tommy Chong
  • Chuck Trogdon: Bill Maher
  • Scott Helmus: Ron jeremy and for vp buck naked.
  • Dave Evans: Steve Trevelise
  • Brian Ryan: Obi-Wan Kenobi. He was our only hope.
  • Mark Carcillo: Donald Trump, because every time I tried to push the Trump button it kept registering for hillary.
  • Bob Bozzelli: Frank
  • Perry Wolfe: Rodney! Make America Respectful again!
  • Harry Kalish: Myself
  • Daniel Morton: Eddie Vedder
  • Patty McGann Valenti: Chuck Norris!
  • Ken Bozzelli: Clint Eastwood
  • Paul Liberatori: Pierre Robert
  • Cmb Har: Kasich
  • Tommy Doggies Howell: My pigs
  • Ed Sweeney: Always vote Batman.
  • William T. McCausland: Himself, Greg Davis
  • Carlos Kamakaze Bernier: Ozzy
  • Rich Gunning: Me
  • Barry Shapiro: Colin Powell
  • Paul Plumeri: Pat Paulsen
  • Russell Souders: Alfred E. Neuman!!
  • Joseph Goch: Hammond Egger
  • Jeff Silverman: Steve Trevelise. I voted for you Trev
  • Thomas Calabrese: A farmer...To show people how to earn their money
  • Chuck Mauceri: The Great Gazoo!
  • Dan Bristow: ric flair and stone cold steve austin voted for themselves
  • Jonathan Newman: Bugs Bunny
  • Bob Golub: You
  • John LaPalomento: I wrote in Larry David.
  • Ken Dolan: Joe Bieden
  • Curt Schmidt: Biden
  • John Kajkowski: Rick flair. .wooooooo
  • April Fierro Suk: Pikachu!!
  • Kathleen Cook: Either Dennis Malloy or Bill Spadea
  • George Herbert: Sanders
  • Irv Slifkin: john cena
  • Andrew Genstein: Pee wee Herman
  • Gino Formaroli: I wrote in Myself for the Local school board..I knew two guys on the Ballot who I went to HS with, and between them If you rubbed their heads together for a week you'd not get a spark so...
  • Mike Darkwater: Uncle Floyd
  • Bryan Ramona: I thought about you, Steve! But I knew you'd never take the job! :-)

Did you write anyone in for president? Let us know in the comments section below.

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