For the longest time I've been debating about whether or not to vote in this presidential election. I've written about it, we've talked about it on my show. We even listened to my favorite philosopher George Carlin make the argument.

But as election day got closer and is now finally here, I find that I can't live with not voting. Even though I'm not totally on board with any of these presidential candidates, to abstain is to surrender a right which too many people have died for. This is not something I want to teach my children. Imagine where we'd be if everyone just walked away from choices they didn't like.

We've all voted for candidates we've later regretted but we learned from that. Hopefully this time we'll make the right choice and pick someone and somethings that can actually make it better. With all due respect to my former indifference. I cannot miss being part of that process. In fact I even took a selfie outside the booth so I wouldn't get in trouble.

Photo credit Steve Trevelise

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