So much for star power, so much for  the power of the press. If ever there was a media slant to disparage a candidate, it was the 2016 presidential election. Not only did every negative Donald Trump story get front and center attention, but celebrities were coming out of the woodwork to bash him. Alec Baldwin, Jon Oliver, most of Comedy Central, Amy Schumer, Barbara Streisand, Patton Oswalt, Lena Dunham, Lebron James, etc. etc. etc.

Here in New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen called him a moron and joined Jon BonJovi on stage in a last ditch rally to get Hillary Clinton elected. Jon Stewart threatened to leave the country if Trump got elected as did Chelsea Handler. I'm guessing they stay.

So with all that negative press, how could Donald Trump possibly become president? I think it's one of two reasons: either the press doesn't have the power it used to, or America is so fed up with the way things are right now that we're taking matters into our own hands and not just blindly listening to everything they dish out.

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