When it comes to coddling their whining #NotMyPresident anti-Trump college kids, New Jersey colleges and universities don't quite know what to do.

They've got a situation on their hands. On the one hand, you've got $40,000 tuition dollars a year coming in from their perplexed parents. On the other hand, you've got a school to run. So it's not like college administrators can just say (as I'm sure they would love to) "Grow the f*%k up, kids, or else we're closin' this place down!"

Colleges and universities all over the country, already a petri dish where small closed-minded lefties are harvested, have turned into huge simpering playpens. So now they have only one choice: suckle the kids into submissiveness so you can keep turning out the whining, braying socialist ideologues that this country apparently needs more of.

Here's the way they choose to do it.

Prayer vigils (non religious, of course), meditation rooms, safe spaces, counseling and the like.  I'm not sure if I noticed cranial massage as one of the many offerings, but I know I received less pampering last time I stayed at a five-star resort.

Drew University, NJIT and Rider reached out to their students by email to offer solace.

Student listeners sent in the emails they received, and we picked some of our favorite excerpts to share with you.

(Selection of excerpts was my own.)


"We have organized opportunities for discussion, analysis, and reflection. Tonight there will be an opportunity for prayer and meditation in Craig Chapel in Seminary Hall at 6:10 p.m. Professor Traci West’s class on Politics and Religion will lead this service of song, prayers, and reflection. All are welcome to attend.resources available on campus. We value safe spaces where individual concerns can be addressed confidentially and in a supportive environment."


"You find yourself feeling overwhelmed or struggling in response to the election, please utilize the many available resources at Rider to help you."


(They did the best job, acknowledging the emotion but at the same time, reminding kids that this is how the process works)

"Yesterday, we participated in the greatest exercise of any democracy or any governmental system – selecting the person who will lead our nation for the next four years. Globally, most people never have this opportunity, as they watched our election process unfold. This freedom and ultimate right of citizenship are profound and important parts of what makes America the great country that we share. For the process to work effectively, it also requires that we honor the outcome.

The peaceful transition of power is the foundation of our republic and has remained throughout our history. While many will cheer the outcome, there are just as many who are perplexed by the results and may be fearful for the future. America is resilient, and Americans will always look to the future with hope. Our ability to be resilient and hopeful for a brighter future are two of our greatest attributes and assure us that we will heal our wounds and unite as a people. We will always have our differences, and may argue about the correct way to move forward, but our system will keep us moving in the right direction."

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