You've heard of Abbot and Costello meeting Frankenstein, how about Uncle Floyd meeting Santa Claus? Saturday night I had the pleasure once again of opening for the legendary Uncle Floyd. I love watching him work the room telling stories of when he was a kid growing up in Patterson, New Jersey, the son of Italian immigrants.

Floyd went from the neighborhood to the local clubs and colleges, to the casinos, then onto his own cable access show that was watched religiously by many performers including John Lennon who turned on his friend David Bowie who wrote a song about Uncle Floyd called "Slip Away." The two exchanged Christmas cards until the year Bowie died. Floyd shared both his memories of David Bowie as well as Robin Williams, whom he acted with in the movie "Good Morning Vietnam."

Before the show he told me a story of when he met Santa. If you grew up in an Italian family, you'll get a kick out of it. If not, it will still make you laugh.

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