So I asked listeners via my New Jersey 101.5 show and social media, which Jersey celebrities they'd like to see run for governor and here's what they came up with...and my comments on each.

Tommie Doggies Howell — Big Joe Henry

Susan Petitdemange, Rick Verso, Erin OBrien — Uncle Floyd. (Nice choice)

Dina Carmy — Eric Scott (Then he'd be talking to himself on Ask The Governor)

Lucille Aitken, Ken Lee — Bruce Willis (I can see it now..."Die Hard Jersey")

Joshua Kocses — Bruce Willis, honestly it's not about someone we can identify with, it's about someone whose voice is heard and agreed with by a majority who can agree to work together under that command. Bruce is good at bringing a bunch of ideas together.

Bob Sabatura — Bruce (As long as he doesn't hold a fundraiser)

Rick Lesley — Joe Pesci (Imagine the state of the Union Address "What do I amuse you???")

Russell Bien — Artie Lange (Anyone that can be funny at 6 a.m. deserves a shot).

Ed Kaz Me, Michael McHale —Mike Trout (He can use his future Yankee money to help the economy).

Keith Vena — You, Vic DiBitetto, Jennifer Ursillo, Uncle Floyd Vivino, Eddie Murphy, Joe Pesci, Frankie Valli, Michele Pilenza and Jon Bon Jovi, to name a few.

Tom Mongelli  — Uncle Floyd, Steve Adubado, or that Spadea guy. But the only NJ celebrity who can fill the governor's shoes is Big Joe Henry!

Ric Favacchia — As long as it's NOT Springsteen or Bon Jovi.

Joshua Stein — Joe Piscopo is still alive?

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