Will Joe Piscopo run for Governor? The question has been coming up more and more to the point where the comic icon and Saturday Night Live alum managed to work his way into Governor Christie's conversation. Personally, having had the privilege of sharing a stage with Joe both at the Comedy Cove in Springfield and at Catch A Rising Star in the Princeton Hyatt Regency, I could easily see him as the Governor, especially compared to who else is running.

I refer to Piscopo as Joe because that's how close he makes you feel to him, no matter who you are. He's very friendly and warm and makes you feel like you're one of his best friends. He was that way with everyone in the room on both shows. You can see that he truly cares about people, especially the people of New Jersey. His love for the state comes out in his comedy.

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Maybe it takes someone who can see the funny in New Jersey to fix New Jersey. Too many politicians don't see the silly because they continue to look the other way or waste your time diverting you to other nonsense laws like making it illegal to marry under 18. What about fixing property taxes? Surely we have bigger problems than that?

Piscopo can look New Jersey right in the eye and laugh in its face. Here, that's the first part of solving the problem. He has come up with some ideas like no income tax for police firefighters and teachers. There will be others. Would Joe Piscopo make a good governor? Who knows? I can say the same thing about the other candidates, but one thing I do know is that he cares. He cares enough to run, and that caring is what drives him to something he doesn't really need to do.

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