After a rash of luxury cars being stolen across Bergen County, the prosecutor is reminding residents to take simple steps to ensure that their vehicles are as safe as possible.

Prosecutor Gurbir S. Grewal said police have reported at least 30 incidents in 19 towns across the county. He said police are getting reports of people gaining access to unlocked cars with the keys still inside, and then driving away. Grewal said when the keys are not inside unlocked vehicles the would-be thieves take whatever valuable items they can grab, and then move on to the next car.

Bergen County Prosecutor's Office
Communities were car thefts have been reported in the past month. (Bergen County Prosecutor's Office)

He also said that on two occasions police have gotten reports of more than one car being stolen from the same house.

Grewal said in order for residents to prevent becoming another statistic in the crime wave simple steps like locking their cars, and not keeping valuable items or their keys inn the car unattended.

The prosecutor encouraged anyone who sees a suspicious person around a driveway to contact police immediately.

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