The demolition of the Peterpank Diner in Sayreville got me thinking about all the great diners that we've seen go in New Jersey.

Former Union City firefighter Robert Mchelin on my Faceook page said, "Saw it knocked down yesterday. Very sad. Hope they put up a new diner. When told they were putting up a Wawa, that would be good too!"

Melanie once sang, "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot." In Sayreville, they demolished a food haven and put up a Wawa.

Nothing against the convenience store, which I love, but I also miss the great diners of New Jersey. Where we were once known for our diners, they are now dropping like flies, and the flies have no where to eat. Where are we supposed to go for breakfast after a night of clubbing in New Jersey?

When I asked which diners people miss most, Susan Rochester Zucconi said "Peterpank in Sayreville because as a teenager we all spent many many after hour clubbing days there lol and would have western omelette."

Then again, you don't see as many clubs in New Jersey as you used to. So where were the diners you used to love and what did you love to eat there? Here are some of your replies, starting with my Yankee Tower meatloaf!

Here's what people had to say about some long, lost diners:

  • Jim's Diner on Rt. 130
    • Mike Brandolino: "Meatloaf and blueberry pie! I've eaten there and Jim's absolutely right!"
  • Olga's Diner in Marlton
    • Wendy Detky: "Olga's was a mainstay of fine diner dining."
  • The Short Stop in Bloomfield
    • Carlo Bellario: "The legendary eggs in a skillet!"
  • The Clairmont Diner in East Windsor
    • Carolyn Dee: "French onion soup, disco fries, and grilled cheese with bacon on rye!"
  • The Regent Diner in Howell
    • Steven Yeger: "I used to go to the Regent all the time when living in Lakewood. The food wasn't stupendous, but it was the place. Veal parmigiana was the best thing I had there. I was once asked to leave after having too much to drink before I went in!"
  • The Dover Diner in Toms River
    • Axel Jay: "Their sign used to say 'Eat Here or We'll Both Starve!' I guess we didn't and they did."
  • The Peterpank Diner in Sayreville
    • April Fierro Suk: "I spent many late nights and early mornings at Birch Hill followed by disco fries at Peterpank. Sad to see my high school haunts all going away."
  • Mom's Peppermill Diner in East Windsor
    • I used to go there after Doing parties and get the cheesesteak with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. I tried to get them to put it on the menu and name it after me. Who know? If they did, they might still be around!

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