The war is on. The war for the future of our state and nation is raging through communities across America. There is evidence, however, that the tide is turning against the out-of-control White House and congressional leaders who have stepped up the power and money grab making life more difficult for average Americans.

The results in Virginia, the incredibly low polling numbers for the incumbents in D.C., and the surge and success of local Republican candidates across New Jersey this past Election Day: All signs point to the very realistic possibility that the U.S. will follow the expected historical norm of the party outside of the White House gaining ground during the midterms.

Given the rapidly growing "Biden Backlash" based on endless and unnecessary mandates, struggling small businesses suffering under a government working against them, scarce employment, empty shelves, and the spiking cost of living, the 2022 elections may likely bring a new majority to the House of Representatives.

The opportunity to set the stage and lock up the Biden/Pelosi agenda came on Friday with the president's nearly $2 trillion spending bill. For the most part, the Republican members stood strong against the majority. Unfortunately, there were 13 members who crossed the aisle and stood arm in arm with the ruling Democrats.

Two of those votes came from the only two GOP House members in New Jersey. As far as Jeff Van Drew, his vote is no surprise, after all, he is still a Democrat at heart. I've called him out from the beginning as a turncoat only switching parties to save his seat in a pro-Trump district. I also called out President Trump for helping him as the promotion of weak Republicans hurting the party in the long run and serving to undo the short-term gains (see Jack Ciattarelli.)

But the real disappointment and surprise came from my friend Congressman Chris Smith. I have said often publicly that Chris is one of the reasons I have not been on board with term limits for members of Congress. He has had an outstanding career as a lawmaker speaking up for the trade union members, protecting the unborn, and providing unapparelled constituent services. He missed this one. Big time. Forgetting the empowerment of the corrupt regime in DC, think about the changes that we saw in New Jersey on election night.

New Jersey is poised to elect a GOP majority in the Legislature in 2023 and send new Republicans to Congress in 2022. Why would we want billions of dollars in the hands of the "corruption cabal" currently occupying Trenton? There would be zero accountability for the money and as we have seen for decades and only the politically connected elite will likely benefit.

I wanted to share with you the note I texted to Chris and his chief of staff on Sunday. I am passionate about fighting for working-class families, small business leaders, union workers, first responders, and everybody in between. Friendship is important, but it will never stand in the way of my speaking the truth and fighting for you.

Here's my text:

Let me start by saying I respect you both immensely professionally and personally. While I certainly understand how you described your motivation behind the infrastructure vote, as you might imagine, given the current Biden Backlash, this has caused an enormous problem for many of your supporters and friends. I consider you both close friends and of course no political action is going to change nor disrupt our 16-year friendship fighting to give a voice to the voiceless. Certainly, appreciate you reaching out with notes and your personal call over the weekend Chris. Let me lay out why the vote was, and is, correctly being perceived by many of us as being complicit with a regime in Washington that has anything but the interests of the American people in mind.


As you might imagine on a professional and strategic front, my phone has blown up and there are many, many people now actively engaging with your primary opponent.


The challenge is both with the vote, and your defense. Whether your defense is based on the fact that it’s similar to Trump’s bill - yes, we know it was even lower that what the former President wanted - or as a Fox News analyst opined today that it may lead to a ‘compromise down the road’…the timing and message are very damaging. As is the bill itself.


Let's start with the comparison to President Trump's infrastructure push. This two trillion-dollar package was proposed during a time of economic expansion, job creation and tax cuts. Once you fix the engine, of course you can take the spending to the next level to spruce up the car and make it more efficient. By contrast, the Biden/Pelosi bill comes at a time where nearly a third of local businesses are shuttered, people are not returning to work, taxes continue to skyrocket and mandate culture - comparable to the CCP - is in full swing with soldiers, pilots, cops, teachers, nurses and doctors all losing their jobs for refusing to give their medical freedom away to the new tyranny.


I have met with supporters of our new organization and had the conversation about our aging infrastructure...roads, power delivery and basic services ALL need to be addressed. But not while we are on the battlefield trying to unmask our pre-schoolers, prevent a jab from being forced on five year old's and being segregated and discriminated like criminals based on our personal medical decisions. All the while, the Biden regime is planning to hand our millions of tax dollars to illegal aliens and continues to pursue the prosecution of those who oppose his actions.


We are in an age of true cultural civil war. Corporations, Social media and government have become the mouthpiece for the rich and entitled and the rest of us are just trying to get by and preserve our Constitutional rights.


As far as the Fox analysis, it missed in a big way. It was all about the DC process and focused on the nuanced ‘what if’s’ and completely misses the point of why people on both sides are outraged. We’ve had enough bipartisan spending, taxing and mandates at this point. The job of Members of Congress has moved to picking sides and fighting for those suffering under the current government. Members are either on the side of liberty and families or they are on the side of the regime in power focused on eradicating our basic liberties for our so-called "safety".


We are headed into a ‘22 midterm that could get the House back in the hands of critical thinkers and freedom loving patriots from both parties. To be clear, like the weak-minded and arrogant GOP candidate for Governor learned, Republicans who hedge their bets and make deals with the other side for their own gain will be out. The governor-elect in Virginia got it. The GOP candidate in NJ did not. The results surprised no one paying attention to detail. It's that simple. The GOP House members who rightly stood up and said NO to Biden and Pelosi - all who of course would like to see infrastructure improved in their districts - all got it. They knew that you can't cut a deal with the devil and come out on top. We are one year from regime change in the House and any spending bill on roads, bridges and other necessary items will simply have to wait until we fix the core problem of out-of-Control government and socialism.


This bill was a ‘stand your ground’ opportunity. And unlike the ignorant Fox analysis, it’s not sparking a 'civil war' inside the GOP, the sides are simply not that evenly matched. There’s the GOP that largely stood strong for average Americans and then a small group on the fringe willing to compromise because of 'process'. These actions are putting their own careers in jeopardy by welcoming 'tea-party style' challengers. Chris, you should have read the room better than you did.


There is another kind of civil war brewing for sure, but it's a cultural and social war. The divide between free-thinkers and power-hungry elites has never been more visible. The Biden Regime is saying publicly that they are 'losing patience' with our calls for medical freedom and economic liberty. The NJ governor is saying that this is no foreseeable end to his control over our daily lives...How is that in any way reflective of our great Republic? Nothing this White House is pushing should be supported by anyone who values freedom and wants the support of the Common Sense/Freedom movement. Biden and his cohorts continue to use fear to turn Americans against one another. Your vote is seen as being complicit with those actions. Those who speak out against this growing tyranny are being imprisoned, some physically and many more by the suppression of thought in social media and public media outlets. No one who values what our veterans died for should accept this as a new normal. Period.


You are a champion of the unborn and our veterans. You have spent an entire career championing those who have been ignored and repressed by the elites and the power brokers. This is your time to stand up, fight back and retract your misguided support for the majority party and their political maneuverings. NJ and America need leaders. We are sick and tired of 'politics as usual'. We're done with the back room deals and the process that seems to excuse bad behavior time and again. Enough. We want our liberty back and we're mobilizing to change this country back to normal.


As I often say on publicly, when I was in the US Marines and assigned to guard duty, the officers and NCOs drilled into our heads that a 'Marine on duty has no friends'. You simply follow legitimate, legal orders and do you job, regardless of what relationships that may disrupt. I am doing my job. Chris, I hope and pray that you do yours.

Respectfully, your friend, Bill Spadea"

Do you agree with Spadea's stance here? Should he give Congressman Smith a pass or do you agree that it's time to fight?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Spadea. Any opinions expressed are Bill's own. Bill Spadea is on the air weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m., talkin’ Jersey, taking your calls at 1-800-283-1015.

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