Congressman Jeff Van Drew was elected in 2018 as a Democrat in a very pro-Trump Republican district in New Jersey. He, like many common sense Democrats, has a problem with the sham impeachment proceedings, which are clearly partisan motivated to undo election results.

When he first stood up to the corrupt bosses in his own party, I praised his courage and congratulated him on having the guts to speak out for normal Democrats who are not radicals like Pelosi, Cortez and others. Then, Van Drew sold out. He reportedly told the President that he was going to switch parties and become a Republican. The problem? He's not a Republican.

He did not stand with the GOP or the President on the policies and ideas of the GOP. Actually he's a Democrat based on his election history, his voting history and his public statements.

It's OK if Jeff wants to honestly become a Republican. But that requires a little more than reading a poll and deciding he'd lose re-election if he stayed a Democrat. There will be a primary and I'm pretty sure that a REAL Republican, who honestly represents the views of most of the district, will defeat Van Drew in the primary.

The President should stay out of a local GOP primary. But even if he doesn't, it's the local voters who matter. One of the possible candidates to defeat Van Drew (if he runs, I think he should resign) is David Richter. He joined me to tell us he won't be intimidated out of the race. He's a local family man. He's a business leader, and he also supports the President. He's also not beholden to the insider elites, yes, the GOP has them too.

From what I can tell Richter won't be a part of the 'corruption caucus' lead by the entrenched insiders and fueled by elite money from bosses like George Norcross. We need independent voices who speak for the people.

Another candidate has also joined the race to replace Jeff Van Drew. He's a strong supporter of President Trump and a pro-life, pro-second amendment conservative. Brian Fitzherbert joined me on Thursday.

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