The Sayreville school district will not be supporting tomorrow's #Enough National School Walkout and has threatened to suspend any student who takes part. This has the ACLU upset because the punishment will be a two day suspension instead of the Saturday detention normally given out. Since we're not talking about a few students but instead a heavy volume with planning, I say go with the heavier punishment. You need to get your point across.

I've been against this walkout from the beginning. Why would anyone want students walking out of school for any reason? If the school is backing the students in their quest to end gun violence, then hold an assembly where they meet in the gym or auditorium and observe the 17 minutes for each of the victims that was murdered at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Then maybe they can finish the period debating the issue or working on solutions.

But to have them just leave the class room and go stand outside creates a protective issue as well as a liability one. What if a student gets hurt during their time outside? What if some other crazy takes this as an opportunity?

To have a protest without consequences is meaningless. Part of making the statement is that you're so angered by the issue that you're willing to take a stand no matter what happens to you. This isn't a protest it's a break from class. "I'm so angry from what happened at Parkland that I'm going to leave class and go stand outside." Will there be pouting at the protest? Perhaps food trucks will show up. Tee shirts, anyone? Maybe the people organizing the event can provide them, then you can really make a statement, a fashion statement. Other than that, not much is going to come of these walkouts except for the memories you will share about them.

If you really want to make a difference and end school violence you do it inside the classroom by gaining the knowledge that can one day make you part of the solution. Here are a few that I have come up with.

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