When the attacks of September 11, 2001 happened the country reacted by beefing up airport security and forming a special organization called "Homeland Security" whose job it is to investigate terrorism in every phase and root out the terror cells before they become a threat.

I think we should treat this rash of school shootings, 25 fatal shootings since Columbine, the same way. We should form a federally funded "School Land Security" whose job it would be to investigate tips on social media, run down leads on possible shooters, and put all the pieces together so that nothing like what happened at Parkland can ever happen again.

There should also be a strong security system in all schools complete with metal detectors and armed guards. The safest high school is Southwestern High in Indiana where they have bullet resistant cameras and the sheriff's office can track an intruder. That should be the norm.

Last but not least, we need to treat all who threaten to harm schools as terrorists with mandatory punishment. I think if these simple attainable steps are put into place, we should see results quickly and for the long haul. Now we just need the politicians to put away their agendas and think logically. If they did, then they'd realize that the best offense is a good defense.

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