Everyone's blaming gun control as the reason for the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Those that aren't blaming the guns are blaming mental health issues. Now we add incompetence to the list.

Along with incompetence, we can also add cowardice to the list. We now know that at least one armed school resource officer stayed outside the school while students were being murdered inside, it's also being investigated whether three more deputies failed to go in. We can call these people the "Cowards of Broward County." It gets worse.

Not only were there tips from several people, including a family friend who told police "all he cares about is his gun," that shooter Nikolas Cruz about to snap. Cruz himself called the cops after his mother died saying, "The thing is I lost my mother a couple of weeks ago so I am dealing with a bunch of things right now." Add to that the botched FBI investigation and it's enough to make you throw your hands up and ask "How can this be?"

The real question is how can this never happen again? I say we establish a "School Land Security Force" just like Home Land Security. These people would be federally funded and would be in charge of everything from running down leads on social media, to checking out tips thoroughly, to assembling all the pieces of the puzzle until they can stop a suspected shooter before it happens. In Cruz's case, that could be somewhere after he posts a video saying he wants to be a school shooter and actually does it.

Where will we get the money? We are one of the richest countries in the world. Just like we spend money to protect our borders and ourselves from attack, we can protect our children. Perhaps we send a little less out in foreign aid. Whatever we have to do, it's time we do it so that this never happens again.

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