I was working on a celebrity birthday list for another project, when I came across a pop culture fact that I did not know.

I try to learn something new every day...and everything in my life is grist for the radio show, or an nj1015.com article.

The actress Nancy Walker was born on May 10th, 1922 in nearby Philadelphia.

She was a fixture on TV from the 1950s, into the early '90s.

If you watch the "old" TV shows like I do, you know that TV characters will live on forever.

Recently, I was streaming the early 1970's show "McMillan & Wife."  Nancy Walker played the part of "Mildred," the live-in housekeeper.

She was Rhoda's mom on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," and on it's spin-off, "Rhoda."

Which got me to thinking...wasn't Nancy Walker also "Rosie" in the Bounty commercials that were all over TV for a lot of years?

In fact, those commercials ran for 20 years... from 1970 until 1990.

Even now, I remember that this particular paper towel is "The Quicker Picker-Upper."

What I didn't know is...the iconic Rosie character's backstory as a New Jersey diner owner/waitress...and the commercials were filmed in New Jersey.

The "Silver Dollar Diner" of Little Ferry, New Jersey became "Rosie's Diner" in 1971, after the commercials made Rosie, the catch-phrase, and the diner...icons.

Over the years, "Rosie's Diner" has been featured in more that 100 TV commercials.

"Rosie" and New Jersey.

It makes sense, as New Jersey is the diner capital.

As New Jersey continues to open up...what's your favorite Jersey diner?

And, what's the best item on the menu?

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