Here are the top New Jersey news stories for Friday

⬛ Replay: NJ 101.5 discussion on NJ transgender school policies

Canva/Townsquare Media illustration
Canva/Townsquare Media illustration

This Town Hall style discussion helps New Jersey residents understand the complicated and often controversial, rules regarding how schools must deal with trans students. The rules have triggered multiple lawsuits by the state against school districts that refuse to comply.

⬛ NJ public hearing on plan to phase out gas-powered cars for EVs

EV charger versus gas pump (Canva)
EV charger versus gas pump (Canva)

A public hearing on the state’s proposed plan to phase out sales of new gas-powered vehicles in 12 years drew more than 50 speakers on Thursday.

Environmental advocates and other stakeholders voiced support for the urgent timeline to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that they said have been the lead cause of the climate crisis.

There were also concerns raised for the ‘aggressive’ timeline, as critics of the mandate said that the infrastructure and supply of electric vehicles (EV) were not close to being ready to handle the change.

⬛ Body of NJ man still missing week after huge wave overturned boat

Derek Narby, memorial to Derek Narby at Manasquan Inlet
Derek Narby Joseph Walsh-kistner via GoFundMe), memorial to Derek Narby at Manasquan Inlet (Jen Ursillo)

It has been a week since a 10-foot wave hit a fishing boat in Manasquan Inlet knocking a father and two sons overboard.

David Narby, a U.S. Merchant Marine, and his two sons Dawson, 23, and Derek, 21, were on board a 31-foot boat in the normally calm waters of the Inlet churned up by Hurricane Lee several hundred miles off the Jersey Shore.

David and his younger son were pulled out of the water by Point Pleasant Beach police officers but Derek remains missing.

⬛ Jenkinson's defies New Jersey by banning public from beach

Locked gate to the beach at Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant Beach 9/21/23, DEP letter to Jenkinson's
Locked gate to the beach at Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant Beach 9/21/23 (@ReporterJim via X), DEP letter to Jenkinson's (DEP)

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — No one seems to be in a hurry for Jenkinson's to open their gates to the beach following a warning from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

A letter on Tuesday to Jenkinson's owner Jim Storino said the amusement center was in violation of the Coastal Area Facilities Review Act by locking gates to the beach.

The warning advised Storino to "voluntarily take corrective action" but did not include a deadline or penalty for non-compliance.

⬛ 2023 was NJ's busiest wildfire season in more than a decade

Atco Dragway wildfire
Atco Dragway wildfire (NJ DEP)

Guess how many wildfires the New Jersey Forest Fire Service has responded to so far in 2023.

Chances are, most of your guesses are way off — perhaps by several hundred.

In response to increasing wildfire risks in the Garden State, due to climate change, the Murphy Administration announced on Thursday that the Forest Fire Service is getting an additional $3 million to enhance protection.

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