🔵 Derek Narby was on a boat that capsized in Manasquan Inlet a week ago

🔵 New Jersey State Police have searched daily for the 21-year-old

🔵 Pieces of the boat washed up in Seaside Heights

It has been a week since a 10-foot wave hit a fishing boat in Manasquan Inlet knocking a father and two sons overboard.

David Narby, a U.S. Merchant Marine,  and his two sons Dawson, 23, and Derek, 21, were on board a 31-foot boat in the normally calm waters of the Inlet churned up by Hurricane Lee several hundred miles off the Jersey Shore.

David and his younger son were pulled out of the water by Point Pleasant Beach police officers but Derek remains missing.

Derek Narby, 21, has not yet been found by State Police who continued their search Thursday

New Jersey State Police have been in the water daily with side scan sonar, sector scan sonar, and scuba divers, according to State Police Sgt. Charles Marchan. So far only the boat's stern has been found and some pieces in Seaside Heights.

"We will continue to search as long as weather permits," Marchan said.

Lanterns in memory of Derek Narby
Lanterns in memory of Derek Narby (Jersey Coast Emergency News) (Jen Ursillo, Townsquare Media)

Support for the Narby family

The Midstream section of Brick has rallied around the Narby family as they await word about Derek. Lanterns and candles have been set out nightly to symbolize helping guide Derek home.

The Brick Little League has set up a tribute book at its snack stand for notes and pictures to be left for Derek's family. Donations may also be made for the Narby family. Derek played in the Brick Little League and for the Brick Memorial team.

A friend also created a GoFundMe page for the family.

Candles and lanterns in the Midstreams neighborhood of Brick in honor of Derek Narby
Candles and lanterns in the Midstreams neighborhood of Brick in honor of Derek Narby (Jersey Coast Emergency News)

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