Another state trooper has been accused of trying to pull over a woman so he could hit on her.

In this case, Trooper Michael Patterson is charged with more than just trying to pick up a date. He's facing counts of fourth-degree stalking, fourth-degree tampering with public records and third-degree civil rights violation.

Investigators say the 28-year-old trooper from Bayonne pulled over a woman about 9:30 p.m. Jan. 28 on the New Jersey Turnpike.

After letting her go with a warning, he turned off his vehicle camera and pulled her over again for no reason after she took Exit 11, state officials said.

"Patterson allegedly conducted the second motor vehicle stop in order to make unwanted advances on the woman," the state Attorney General's Office said Friday. "It is further alleged that Patterson subsequently put the victim in fear by following her to her home in his patrol vehicle."

Patterson, who last year made headlines after he coincidentally pulled over a retired police officer who had helped his mother deliver him during an emergency home birth, is the latest state trooper accused of abusing his authority to try to score with the ladies.

In 2018, Trooper Eric Richardson was sentenced to three years of probation for looking up personal information on the FBI database. He had been accused of harassing women he had pulled over.

Trooper Marquice Prather was sentenced to three years of probation in 2018 after he was accused of pulling over women and stealing intimate photos and videos from their phones.

Last year, a pension dispute brought to light the case of Trooper Sean Link, who was forced to resign in 2016 after being accused of following a woman for 10 miles and spending months hounding another woman who was facing a DWI charge.

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