PISCATAWAY — What was supposed to be a routine traffic stop for a minor violation ended up being a walk down memory lane as a state trooper met the man who helped his mother deliver him at birth.

Trooper Michael Patterson pulled over retired Piscataway Police Officer Matthew Bailly on Friday in Kingswood. Amid small talk, the men realized they were both from Piscataway.

Bailly asked Patterson where he used to live and learned that the trooper was born on Poe Place.

The retired officer told Patterson he knew the street because 27 years ago he helped deliver a baby on that street. He also remembered the description of the home where the baby was born, and also that the baby's name was Michael.

"My name is Michael Patterson, sir," Patterson told the man. "Thank you for delivering me."

On the day Patterson was born, his mother Karen was out shopping when she went into labor, police said. The labor was so intense that Patterson's father had to carry her into the house. Officer Bailly got instructions on how to deliver the baby thanks to a doctor on the phone.

The reunion didn't stop on the side of the road in Kingswood as Patterson brought his mother to meet Bailly and his wife at their home.

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