For the third day in a row, NJ Transit hurled a major inconvenience at real commuters with multiple cancellations. Perhaps the worst part is that they are silent during the morning commute while riders are stranded on platforms hoping that a train will eventually come by to take them to work.

On top of the sheer incompetence of the NJ Transit bureaucracy and the lack of information, there's the Governor, relaxing on vacation, most likely at his multi-million dollar, 23 room Italian villa...defending NJ Transit on social media!

This is more than outrageous. It's insulting, dismissive and a complete reversal of his aggressive campaigning promising an audit, a fix and calling the agency a national disgrace. Typical for an elite pol to have no comprehension of what the average person endures everyday.


It's time for the Governor to come back to work and find out why nearly 30 rush hour trains were cancelled over three days and his government is silent about why.

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