Here are the top New Jersey news stories for Wednesday:

⬛ NJ property taxes skyrocketing — by as much as 33% in one city
Property taxes continue to be a driving factor in the state's unaffordability

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⬛ NJ targets deepfake pornography of innocent victims
Legislation newly introduced by Sen. Kristin Corrado would criminalize the non-consensual sharing of this fake porn.

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⬛ Brinks truck driver robbed at Home Depot in Woodbridge, NJ
The driver of the truck was approached as he left the back of store on St. Georges Avenue in Woodbridge around 11:30 a.m. carrying a secured bank bag.

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⬛ Dream of learning to fly ends in tragedy for NJ mom and daughter
NJ woman killed after booking a flying lesson with her daughter. It had been a long-standing dream to learn to fly.

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⬛ Snake found behind fridge in Jersey City — want to adopt it?
A 4-foot-long python was found behind the refrigerator in a 29th-floor apartment, according to a local animal shelter.

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