We see construction all the time on New Jersey's roads. But where's it getting us?

In a new survey from the Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling at Rutgers, it's clear New Jersey commuters are unhappy with the state's transportation infrastructure.

Lackluster ratings are offered for both the roadways and public transportation system in the state.

Just 38 percent of the 1,203 adults surveyed said the local roads in their area are "excellent" or "good." Nearly everyone else gave their local roads a rating of "poor" or "only fair."

Slightly better ratings were awarded to the state's highways. About half of respondents said highways are in good or excellent condition.

"People are traveling mostly on their local roads, so this is what they're seeing day in, day out," said poll director Ashley Koning. "Local roads are the ones that get hit with potholes and sometimes they're the last ones to get rectified or cleaned up after a storm, and show the most wear and tear."

Compared to a similar Rutgers-Eagleton poll a couple years ago, New Jersey residents have grown more negative in their attitude toward public transportation in the state.

Four percent rate New Jersey mass transit as "excellent," compared to 8 percent in 2015. Another 35 percent rate public transportation as "good," compared to 41 percent in 2015.

Looking at specific aspects of mass transit, the negativity persists.

Among those who use public transportation, just three in 10 said the cost of transit fares is "excellent" or "good."  Two-thirds of commuters said the opposite.

More than half of transit users gave a negative rating to the system's ability to arrive on time. A plurality of residents gave a "poor" or "only fair" rating to the condition of mass transit vehicles and equipment.

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