There are plenty of websites that put out lists all the time about the best pizza or burger in each state in the country. Or what town is the best town in each state to raise kids or find love or retire.

A recent survey of the most underrated towns in America came up with a pretty good one for New Jersey. But that's not really difficult due to the fact that the entire state is underrated and under-appreciated by most of the rest of the country and even people who live here.

Go to Oklahoma sometime or Ohio, Nebraska, West Virginia, etc., and see how little there is in comparison to New Jersey.

Things here are pretty good (despite the political corruption) by many measures. You're never too far from something interesting to do or beautiful to see and plenty of "interesting" people to run into.

So, picking just one town in the underdog of states that would be the most underrated is nearly impossible.

If you ask 50 people in New Jersey, I bet you'd get at least 50 different answers. Did I mention there's also no shortage of opinions here, too?

So the "survey says"....Keyport!

It boasts a charming little downtown, a seaside recreation area, it's right on the Raritan Bay with views of NYC. They show outdoor movies in the summer and the population of about 7,200 people seem pretty happy with their little "Pearl of the Bayshore" in Monmouth County.

Not a bad idea for a day trip if you've never been.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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