MADISON — All but four of the poodles rescued from deplorable conditions in a West New York house have been adopted.

"The poodles are doing so well. We had a tremendous response from the community," said Heather Cammisa, CEO of St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center of Madison. "We had groomers volunteer their time. They came in and got the dogs out of what we were calling fur strait jackets by Friday night. Over the weekend our volunteers came in and the dogs were just rolling and dancing and you could see how wonderful they felt to be mobile and free from all that excrement."

Cammisa said they have been helping with the police investigation into the three residents of the home.

"The poundage of fur that came off these animals ... we were able to share a lot of that. The numbers will surprise people."

Cammisa described the dogs as "social and sweet" and has pictures of the volunteers with "piles of poodle on their laps."

The dogs were rescued from the home when they started running around during a routine inspection last Wednesday.

The 27 poodles, most with severe matting, were rescued from the home. One of the poodles was found to be in pain with ruptured tumors and was put to death, according to Cammisa.

Many of the dogs required vaccines, de-worming and dental work.

Three additional dogs had severe scalding from urine on their skin but will eventually be up for adoption.

Two were adopted by two police officers.

One of the dogs gave birth to five healthy puppies on Tuesday night and will eventually be available for adoption.

Cammisa attributes the loving response on a fondness for poodles that people developed growing up.

"So many of us had family members growing up that had poodles. Aunts, grandparents and family. They really resonated with people," Cammissa said.

St. Hubert's is open seven days a week for those who would like to visit the remaining poodles and consider them or hundreds of animals at St. Hubert's for adoption.

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