Floorless seats, legs dangling, 7 stories up in the air, negative g-forces, positive g-forces...sounds like a fun time? Then you're in luck! CYBORG Cyber Spin is a new ride coming to Six Flags Great Adventure in 2018. A park spokesperson describes it as a "dizzying combination of negative and positive gravitational forces." It was modeled after a gyroscope, only picture a gyroscope on steroids.

Still hard to picture? I don't blame you. Check out the video for a much clearer idea of what this ride will do. There's no word yet on an exact opening date next year; all they're saying is 2018. You won't find me losing my lunch on this ride anytime soon. These days I can get dizzy just from spinning around in my studio chair too much. For those who can't get enough of this sort of thrill, be proud to be from Jersey because this is the first ride of its type in all of North America and we'll have it right here in the Dirty Jerz!

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