Look, we're dealing with a lot these days. We've got taxes out the wazoo, we can't agree if we hear "Laurel" or "Yanny", and there's the impending doom of bennies invading our beaches. Sometimes we just need a story we can all get behind. For New Jersey this month, that was Kenilworth 'pooperintendent', Thomas Tramaglini, who was caught defecating on another district's high school track.

This story, in my opinion, is undeniably hilarious and that was noted this week on national television. With all the... ahem... crap we have going on, Late Night host, Seth Meyers, pointed out that it's nice to have a story that is a break from the "bleak and depressing" news.

"Thank you," says Meyers to a photo of Tramaglini, "this is the kind of story we need right now." Watch his take on the story for a good laugh.

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