Funny thing about living in the Dirty Jerz. We like to argue. And things get real. We can't agree whether we should pump our own gas. We can't agree if there's really a place called Central Jersey. Those things you put on ice cream? We argue if they're called sprinkles or jimmies. Is it a hoagie or a sub? I'll fight you over it.

You remember The Dress. The optical illusion heard, well, seen 'round the world. The one that had couples fighting and strained families, caused arguments in bars and sent people to schedule eye exams.

Now there's what one could call an audio illusion that most agree started on Reddit. It's a 2 second audio clip of someone saying either Yanny or Laurel. Some will listen to it and swear they are hearing Yanny. Others would pass a polygraph exam saying they hear Laurel. The eerie thing about this one, many say they will go back to the same recording an hour later and hear it completely differently.

So here in Jersey, where we can't agree on anything, now you'll even end up arguing with yourself. For the record, I am in the Yanny camp on this one. Will I hear it as Laurel later in the day? Stay tuned. Check out the audio and decide for yourself if this is saying Laurel or Yanny.

Whoever this person is, Laurel or Yanny, they're being taxed too much and will soon be looking to move to North Carolina. So a rose by any other name still has lots of thorns.

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