Sometimes you have to search for news. Other times it's just dumped right in your lap.

Such is the punniest story of the week in New Jersey where authorities say Thomas Tramaglini, a Kenilworth school superintendent was caught in a surveillance operation as the serial pooper at Holmdel High School. You see they have a football field and track there, and apparently every morning this is where this Pooping Tom got in his morning run. Or maybe runs? The offensive remains were being found on a near daily basis which led to the cameras being put in place. They worked. Authorities were stunned to discover the poopetrator of these acts was a school superintendent in another district. He's been charged with lewdness and...littering.

If you think this doesn't pass the smell test you're not alone. Some callers to our show Thursday couldn't fathom why a man making over $145,000 per year would risk his position as number 1 over a number 2. He's now on a paid leave of absence. What sort of crappy job will he be able to get after all this infamy? But forget about his problems. What about the groundskeeper in Holmdel who had to deal with this? You know he's steaming mad. But what else can he doo-doo but doo-doo his job?

As shocking as the outcome was, at least the cameras were able to squeeze out some evidence and put a stop to this crappy situation. Where does the case stand now? Just when you think you're done and find there's a little more to go, Tramaglini must appear in municipal court Monday to answer these charges. Surely he'll bring a lawyer because the paperwork alone in this case must be staggering. Perhaps his colleagues in Kenilworth will raise a legal defense fund through having a school bake sale. I just imagine the fudge won't sell well.

Thanks Pooperintendent Tramaglini for one of the weirdest stories of the week!

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