The New York Jets need a kicker badly. Right down the Turnpike is a candidate who could kick them into history, if not the playoffs.

It's time to give United States Women's National Soccer Team star and Delran native Carli Lloyd a shot, or at least reach out to her to see if she'd be interested.

Lloyd, who made a 55-yard field goal at Eagles practice, says she's interested in the NFL and has spoken to NFL Hall Of Fame kicker Morten Anderson, who says he's willing to train her. Former NFL kicker Martin Gramatica has also offered his help. Giants kicker Aldrick Rosas calls Lloyd a "role model." I think it's time for the New York Jets, who once made history by being the first AFL team to beat the NFL in a Super Bowl, to do it again by hiring the first female kicker — and could there be a better choice than World Cup champion Carli Lloyd?

The move here is for the Jets is to sign Lloyd to the practice squad while she trains, then when the time is right, activate her. She's already proven that she can handle the pressure on a stage a least equally as big. I don't see her shying away from contact, but if she did, she wouldn't be the first kicker do to so.

From a marketing standpoint, this could be the biggest thing for the Jets since the aforementioned Super Bowl. Maybe she could even guarantee a kick! You can just see the new Jets jerseys with Lloyd's name and number flying off the shelves. They'd sell so well they'd have to make them in men's sizes as well.

The more I write this, the more I believe this is the right move for the Jets. Imagine a team that totally remade itself with a young quarterback, new head coach, general manager and franchise running back can now make a name for itself by signing one of the greatest athletes in the world for the price of a practice quad player.

If it doesn't work, they still get credit for trying!

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