While we didn't speak to Mayor Fulop about his outrageous comments regarding two Jersey City Police officers, one person who disagreed with him, is the Jersey City PBA President, Carmine Disbrow.

Mayor Fulop as you know, has come out and stated that the two JC officers will be identified, and that they will pursue termination and criminal charges. Yet, the investigation only started! WOW. Then we wonder why police officers always feel as they are under fire!

I asked Carmine whether he received a phone call or any contact from the mayor before the Tweet went public. "No I did not to speak to the mayor at all about the incident,, he has not reached out to it. Obviously the first time I heard or saw of his reaction was on the Twitter feed," Disbrow said.

Disbrow wasn't able to offer much details about the case because it is still an ongoing investigation but he did say that he would hope or that he would've liked "to see the mayor let the investigation take it's course. We are professionals. I have a lot of faith in the justice system."

While Disbrow said that he has watched the video, he acknowledged that the video is grainy and that "I don't know all the answers and neither does the mayor. I think we should let the professionals investigate this," Disbrow said.

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