Cops save a man from a burning wreck. Cops may face criminal charges.  Wait, what?!?

It's outrageous that the immediate reaction from Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop to this video is to discuss disciplinary action against the cops. Clearly the cops in the video are running toward the danger and act quickly to remove the burn victim from the scene.  There are reports of a chase and an exchange of gunfire prior to the alleged perpetrator crashing the car into a utility pole.

The only question is around the visible kick from one of the officers to the burning guy.  The video also shows the cops going through motions to arrest the man.  So what's the kick? Is it a cop doing his job to neutralize a situation? Is it simply part of the procedure to get a man on the ground to continue the arresting process? Is the cop further trying to extinguish flames? We don't know until all the evidence is out.

What we do know is that the cops are running into a fire and removing a man from the scene of a dangerous fire. We also know that the man shooting the video is convinced that the cops were in the wrong. Wonder if the person taking the video ever considered how cowardly it is to stand back and shoot video instead of helping a man in clear danger?

It's completely disgraceful is that the mayor immediately jumped all over his officers. He made a political statement about a full investigation which is already happening because of the chase and the gunfire.

What do you think? For me, the cops are heroes. Thankfully there are still brave men and women willing to put on a uniform and run into danger to protect the rest of us. Proud to stand with them. #BlueFriday.

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