After learning that a decorated veteran was under fire for what were called ”anti-Muslim” posts, I thought, enough is enough.

The complaint started with New Jersey’s chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations – CAIR. This is a group which settled a law suit, which effectively concluded the group can’t sue for libel based on being labeled a “terror supporting front group”. This is a group with members who have been investigated as terror supporters and denied entry into the US.  This is a group designated as an unindicted terror co-conspirator in 2007 by the US government.

At what point are terror-apologist organizations like CAIR going to back off and realize that people have a right to their opinions? Let’s not forget that the organization calling for Dan Leonard to resign was also designated a terrorist organization by a Middle Eastern nation in 2014. That’s who should be dictating who serves on your school board? Not a chance.

It’s time for those of us who value America and the ideals and principles protected in our Constitution stand up and fight back. If any group is not welcome to the debate, it’s a group who wants to suppress free speech and bully elected officials and veterans into quiet submission.

Thankfully Dan Leonard has also had enough. He’s not going to resign. He’s not going to apologize for attacking two anti-American and anti-Semitic members of Congress. And he’s gonna join us Wednesday morning after the 8am news.

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