Hoboken has joined the mad rush to ban one of the most convenient inventions of the modern age: the plastic shopping bag. It's commonly referred to as a "single use" bag, but if you're like me, that bag has way more than one use! Lining bathroom trash cans, picking up your dog's poop, transporting food to friends and relatives over the holidays and even as a kids lunch bag for school.

The bag ban is part of the anti-plastic green propaganda, which is somehow supposed to be better for the environment and save the world. If you listen to some politicians, the world may literally end soon if we don't act on climate change and to some radicals, that action starts by ruining your shopping convenience.

I'm sure Governor Murphy is ready to enact a statewide ban. Forgetting for a moment the idea of plastic being durable and sanitary and the fact that we have plenty of landfill space in which to dispose of our trash, it's the exception making the rule that is the most bothersome.

Here's what I mean, nearly EVERY other plastic bag is exempted from the new law. Only shopping bags are banned! How in the world does a limited ban help? Assuming for a minute that we buy into the nonsense and propaganda about how bad plastic can be for the environment, the Hoboken law doesn't actually do anything toward that goal!

So, here's my advice: buy your own. The law specifically says that the stores can't give you a bag. It also says you can bring any bag you want to the store. You can buy 250 for $16. That's a lot cheaper than what they'll charge you at the store. If you do a little searching you can even find them cheaper. How about 1,000 bags for $33.50? Three cents a bag!

In case you're wondering, I'm buying them in bulk and will be happy to resell to you after the state finally bans the bags in the name of "saving the world".

Best thing to do though, get to the stores who are still using them and ask them to double and triple bag your groceries. It's a free and convenient work-around. Oh, and then vote out Murphy in 2021 and restore some sanity to government.

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