Seriously, Dunkin Donuts, what are you thinking? When I'm on the road, Dunkin is one of the best go-to coffee stops precisely because of the styrofoam cup, which is guaranteed to be cool to the touch. Coffee stays warmer longer and you don't burn your hands! It's a miracle of science. Additionally, the lids stay on foam cups way better than paper cups. Some of you may remember the "incident" involving a Starbucks latte, a loose lid and Baby Car.

This incredible invention making hot beverages transportable is a credit to American ingenuity. And now Dunkin is gonna phase them out?!?

I'm outraged. Partly because it's one of the best parts of the Dunkin service delivery and partly because the "landfill" argument is bogus. Last year, I wrote and article about the myths surrounding landfill space. Contrary to popular opinion, space is not running out. As a matter of fact, due to technological advances, the capacity of landfills is actually increasing.

I wrote about this in 2016 making the case against government mandated recycling. Now before you get upset thinking that I don't appreciate clean water and air, there's a difference between sound policy that protects our environment from unnecessary and excessive pollution and propaganda meant to drive an agenda. That agenda serves only to line the pockets of special interests and drives up consumer costs. Landfills help create energy. Landfills also eliminate the hazardous waste generated from the recycling process. And landfills are decades from being full, even if we don't dig another one.

It's a shame that the iconic coffee chain, which has helped me get through many early mornings and late nights over my career, is caving to "green" propaganda. Disposable cups that keep hands cool and drinks warm and can literally survive for more than 500 years should be celebrated, not disparaged.

I'll still get coffee at Dunkin, but I may be pouring it into my own foam cup. Thinking that I'll be headed to a big box store this weekend to stock up on my favorite beverage carrier. #SaveStyrofoam #CoffeeIsBetterInAFoamCup

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