Had a great conversation with actor Dean Cain over the Memorial Day Weekend at Six Flags Great Adventure. He's one of the friendliest and most sincere guys I've met so far in the entertainment world. And he likes his steak medium rare. As much as I am a fan of President Trump, I'm having a hard time 'digesting' the whole well-done steak thing. Although, the best part about a rare steak is being able to chop it up the next day and fry it up for a cheese steak!

OK, back to Superman.

Dean Cain answered my questions about food like a pro, although I think the steak question surprised him a bit. We ended the event honoring veterans and members of local law enforcement as the "Summer of Heroes" kicks off at the Theme Park. Cain recognizes the true courage and dedication from real life super heroes who wear the uniform of our nation and law enforcement. And yes, of course we posed for the "Point" on stage.

On a serious and somber note, I ended the event with a moment of silence for fallen New Jersey State Trooper Brian McNally who lost his life last week in a fiery crash returning from his U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Drill weekend. He was an infantry officer who served his nation, family and country with honor and distinction.

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