Check out this amazing pendulum ride at Six Flag's Great Adventure. New Jersey's quintessential amusement park is adding Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth in 2019. The concept is simple. A gigantic swinging pendulum that accommodates 40 riders in a circle of seats and turns you counterclockwise 17 stories above the ground with nothing beneath you.

You will never see me on this ride.

Not unless I am drugged by Bill Cosby and wake up on it. Nothing against the ride. In fact, it looks exhilarating. I just don't do well with most rides. Call me boring. But call this Wonder Woman ride anything but! This thing will have the wind in your hair and the earth flipping upside down 170 feet beneath your feet throwing you around at 75 mph.

Look for it to open in late spring of next year. You'll find it near their other DC Comics rides like The Dark Knight, Cyborg Cyber Spin and Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. You'll find me cowering in Bugs Bunny National Park.

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