As a lifelong Giants fan, I've taken many road trips to see my team play. This year, we decided to do something a little different, with my son Lennon being a die-hard Atlanta Falcons fan. He became one after attending Falcons wide receiver and North Brunswick native Mohammed Sanu's camp. My son Albert, like his parents, supports the Giants, so we decided to go to the Giants vs. Falcons Monday night game in Atlanta.

Now, when you plan to take 12 year old boys on the road, it's important to have lots to do before the game, especially since this one was a Monday night. It's also important that the fans of the other team be respectful of your differing allegiances, lest you find yourself in a difficult situation. Atlanta hit the mark on both counts.

We spent the day in the center of town where we saw the Coca-Cola museum, followed by a trip to the College Football Hall Of Fame, where we not only saw all the college football history that they had to offer, but got to take advantage of all their interactive activities like kicking field goals, throwing into a net, running wide receiver drills that end with making diving catches onto pads, and even being on the ESPN Sports desk. I couldn't get my sons out of there!

Then came a visit to the CNN studios where we took the tour. They actually had metal detectors and a policeman at the door (I think he was checking for Republicans). We were so busy that we didn't have time for the Aquarium, and we did it all with an inexpensive "citypass". Then it was on to Mercedes Benz Stadium, which also is within walking distance.

As for the people, they were a true example of southern hospitality, very friendly and welcoming. In fact, the trip was so good that even though the Giants lost, we still had a great time!

Atlanta will be hosting the Super Bowl on Feb 3, 2019 and the Summer Olympics in 2024. If you're looking for a great road trip to see your team, I would highly recommend Atlanta!

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