My sons are 10 years old and obsessed with football. All day long, the NFL Network is on at my house, when they're not watching football, they're playing football either on my side yard with their friends or Madden. I talk more football with them than I ever did on sports radio.

So imagine my surprise when we were looking for football camps to sign them up for to find that there was one in South Brunswick, run by former alumni, Rutgers graduate and current Atlanta Falcon Mohamed Sanu who happens to be my son Lennon's idol!

The camp took place at South Brunswick High School with the help of Lunar Sports Group and it's totally free. They also get tee shirts and autographed pictures all for nothing. I asked Sanu, whose done this for the past three years, why. "I'm just out here to give them a good time, have some fun, and get out here and play a little bit."

In Sanu's senior year as a student at South Brunswick HS, he led the Vikings to their first playoff berth in nearly 40 years and ran for three touchdowns of at least 80 yards as a triple option quarterback.

Sanu at Rutgers won the Most Valuable Player at the 2009 St Peter's Bowl, then it was on to the pros and Cincinnati Bengals and then in 2016, Sanu signed a five year 32.5 million dollar contract with the Atlanta Falcons who he helped take to the Super Bowl along with Jersey guy head coach Dan Quinn.

"We're a tough team, he's Jersey tough but we have fun doing it and we love each other."

What's next for Sanu? "To try to get back in, repeat what we did last year but finish.

What Jersey food does he most miss when he's not here? "Pizza there''s nothing like it anywhere else. Wherever you go the pizza is just different."