Governor Christie has put New Jersey in the spotlight for most of his eight years in office. Sometime positive, sometimes, not so much.

Word came out this week that his home county of Morris is naming a small street after him in Morris Plains. It's a road that leads into a park. Come on, surely he deserves more recognition than that!

So we asked our listeners to come up with ideas for names and roads in honor of our Governor. Here's some of what we got.

  • Big Bully Boulevard
  • Chris Christie BULLYvard
  • Chris Christie Weigh Stations (on major roads entering New Jersey)
  • Gastric Bypass (for the road leading to the Margate beach)
  • Wildstein Way (Bridgegate)
  • Kelly Curve (Also, Bridgegate)
  • Bulky Blvd (Bridgegate, again)
  • Liars Lane (approach to the GWB)
  • Food Court
  • Twinkie Trail (obvious)
  • Pension Pass (in reference to his handling of state pensions)
  • Pork Roll Place (street in front of the state house)
  • F.U. I'm spending 4th of July on the Beach Street
  • Embarrassing schoolgirl Springsteen Crush Street

So if any city planners, zoning boards or DOT officials are reading this, feel free to choose any of the above. Make sure to give the citizens of the Garden State the credit they deserve!

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