Monday, outgoing (very outgoing) Gov. Chris Christie will see a road named in his honor.  A Morris County road in Morris Plains will be christened “Governor Chris Christie Way."

That's nice for the governor, but we've been looking around New Jersey, and we see plenty of street names that already seem to have something to do with the new Jersey's most boisterous chief executive.

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    Goa Way in Lavallette

    (Google Maps)
    (Google Maps)

    Pollsters and political scientists tell us New Jersey residents are ready to tell Christie "Don't let the door hit you on the way out."

    “Right now, Chris Christie’s job approval is the lowest that we have ever measured in 16 years of polling the state that we have done," FDU poll director Krista Jenkins says.

    "Goa Way" is about as gentle as voters are getting.

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    Good Luck Road, Lacey Township

    (Google Maps)
    (Google Maps)

    Christie was a contender to be President Donald Trump's vice presidential candidate ... and passed over. He was a contender for attorney general ... and passed over. He staked his political futures on a run for president ... and never made it through the primary.

    "Good Luck" — Maybe Christie could use a trip or two down that road.

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    Shades of Death Road, Warren County

    (Google Maps)
    (Google Maps)

    The supposedly supernatural street that's home to Ghost Lake and The Fairy Hole could also be an apt description for the political future of a Governor with a 15ish-percent approval rating.

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    Unexpected Road, Buena Vista Township


    Chris Christie was rarely predictable:

    Would you have expected him to accompany a mom to the MVC when she said workers there gave her son the runaround?

    Did we expect Chris Christie to have ... dance moves?

    Did we really expect a governor who made his reputation fighting against excessive taxes to get behind a 23-cent gas tax increase?

    And did we really expect Christie's tone to get so nasty? Well, maybe we should see that sort of thing coming.

  • 5

    No Name Street, Washington Township


    A governor with approval ratings like Christie's is p ersona non grata.

  • 6

    Wits End Drive, Hardyston


    There are a few times our staff seemed to push Christie there (ahem, Bill Spadea):

  • 7

    Always Drive, Lumberton


    We'd love to ... but the bridge is closed (hey-oo).

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