News 12 New Jersey is reporting that a new Morris County road in Morris Plains will be christened "Governor Chris Christie Way".

Christie, who lives in Mendham Township, got his political career started as a one-term freeholder in Morris County.

But there are plenty of roads in the Garden State, and plenty of opportunities to honor Christie's legacy. Here are some other road name options. Share your own ideas in the comments section below!

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    Beach Day Drive

    There may come a day when people forget about the image of Christie enjoying a beautiful day on Island Beach State Park, but that day isn't today.

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    Big Mouth Way

    He held nothing back while in office, and we don't imagine him holding anything back now.

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    Blame Lane

    It's the Democrats' fault. It's the media's fault. It's our fault. It's your fault. But it's never his fault.

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    Bridgegate Boulevard

    Turn here to avoid some traffic problems in Fort Lee.

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    Shutdown Circle

    Just like the government, you never know when this circle will shutdown.

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    Get The Hell Off This Avenue

    A street sign that tells it like it is.

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    Closed Road

    The road might be closed, but he's the only one allowed on it!

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