Gov. Chris Christie believes the next governor of New Jersey should continue to come on New Jersey 101.5 for the monthly "Ask the Governor" program.

But he thinks Lt. Gov. Kim Guadano, who is seeking to replace Christie in the governor's office, shouldn't "waste" her time going on the station's morning show with host Bill Spadea.

"It’s a waste of time because the host is a dope and the show is stupid and she shouldn't go on because it's just awful," Christie said Monday on "Ask the Governor."

It's not the first time Christie has blasted Spadea. And the feeling is mutual. 

Last year, Christie called into Spadea's show to debate the merits of a plan supported by Christie to raise the state's gas tax by 23 cents in order to shore up the Transportation Trust Fund. Christie said Spadea, who was credited in the media for leading the charge against the plan, sounded "like a fourth-grader" who failed math.

Again in April, Christie came back and chided "dummies on this radio station" for beating up on him for the unpopular gas tax hike.

Christie on Monday told "Ask the Governor" host Eric Scott that Guadagno should consider trading in her  "Diggin in with Kim" segments with Spadea, in which the lieutenant governor attempts to help callers solve problems related to state government, for airtime with another host.

"She should work out something with you so she can get away from the idiot in the morning who has no knowledge, no political knowledge and all he does all the time is take his time looking in the mirror," Christie said.

Spadea promises to respond Tuesday morning on New Jersey 101.5.

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