The woke, radical agenda from Phil Murphy and the Trenton elites is in full swing.

Fresh off the passing of the outrageous "media literacy law" which many of us referred to as the "media misinformation" bill, the woke mob in Trenton is at it again. This time, they're coming for our police officers.

Phil Murphy

As I've mentioned before, the media literacy bill empowers the Department of Education and local school bureaucrats to decide what is real and fake news. The language of the bill came from a far-Left Rowan professor who thought Tucker Carlson should be canceled for misinformation.

The bill was so bad, former HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson reached out to me to appear on the show and my podcast to talk about the dangers.

Ben Carson
Ben Carson (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

The sponsor of the bill was Mike Testa, a relatively unknown GOP state senator from Vineland who is talking about running for governor. He justified the bill to me saying that the real problem is the rise of "Flat Earthers" among his constituents. What?!? It's the far-left that started using the absurd label of "flat earthers" to diminish the argument of those opposing the group-think of the climate radicals.

Can you imagine the arrogance of a local politician calling out his own constituents as "Flat Earthers" in order to justify a new law that empowers the same bureaucrats pushing the sexualized curriculum on grade schoolers?

As a guy born and raised in South Jersey, I'm sick of politicians disparaging people with whom they disagree and trying to make South Jersey look like a bunch of uneducated rubes.

Of course, It didn't take long for the governor to use the bill as a way of spreading the narrative about the so-called "insurrection" on Jan. 6 despite the mountain of video evidence to the contrary.

The same governor, of course, who covered for the violence from BLM and Antifa during the Summer of 2020 and even protested with BLM defying his own lockdown orders. So, the actual definition of real news is anything that supports the narrative of gender confusion, anti-Trump, pro-BLM, pro-Kyiv/Zelensky, and rewriting history to call out America as the bad actor in history.

Fake news is defined by these morally bankrupt woke mobsters as anything that questions the origins and involvement of the U.S. in Ukraine, the efficacy of the COVID jabs, men infiltrating women's sports, pushing for voter ID, and anything else that challenges the elites.

The latest assault on common sense is the push by the attorney general to force all NJ cops to allow the government to see all of their social media posts.

Matt Platkin

So, in New Jersey, according to this administration, cops are simply not entitled to privacy, personal lives or personal opinions. The goal, similar to the misinformation bill, is to root out "insurrectionists" and "bigots"? What does that even mean?

If a cop challenges the narrative of Jan. 6 in a post, can they be fired? Charged? Disciplined?

What about the cop who is concerned about his or her daughter in sports having to compete with men? Bigotry? It's outrageous and dangerous.

We already have a huge problem of too few recruits looking to join the ranks of the police across the Garden State. We have a rise in crime, an administration that coddles criminals through early release and bail reform, which has created a revolving door for some of the worst among us.

Now we're going to empower the "thought police" to throw accusations without merit based on a narrative pushed by left-wing, anti-American radicals? It's too much. It's too far.

I hope our cops delete their accounts and refuse to allow the Trenton government to get away with this egregious invasion of privacy and assault on free speech.

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