We’ve hit strawberry season in Jersey. And boy do we have some good places for fresh-grown ones.

Why get them at your local grocery store when you can pick them yourself?

I live in rural New Jersey and I’m very lucky that there’s a strawberry farm nearby where I can go and pick my own.

Strawberry picking season is from early May to around the end of June (unfortunately the Beatles were not correct about strawberry fields being forever).

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Kyle Clark / Townsquare Media
Kyle Clark / Townsquare Media

But if you want the best fresh-grown, locally-sourced strawberries you need to go pick them yourself. Where you know they aren’t being packaged and shipped across the country.

I did that this past weekend and it was well worth it.

Disregard the fact that some of them aren't entirely ripe, that was a problem with yours truly. I had a bit of a brain fart and picked some that weren't entirely ripe.

Kyle Clark / Townsquare Media
Kyle Clark / Townsquare Media

When you're out in the middle of the strawberry field though, you'll realize that you're gonna want every single one you see.

I'm able to walk to the strawberry patch near me, so it creates a fun activity during this time of year.


It's also great because the weather isn't too hot yet. So you can go on the walk to get there, plus be out in the field, and never feel like it's too hot outside.

Strawberry season goes by quickly though, so if you're debating about going to pick your own, do it quickly before the season is over.

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