The bill signed last Wednesday with little fanfare requires schools to teach "media literacy."

Which only means: Read and believe what WE think is worthwhile and real.

The problem is who is deciding what is real news and what is "disinformation"?

It's in the hands of New Jersey's public schools, which is an arm of the government and populated with a majority of partisan pro-government, pro-left personnel.

It's clear to many people who pay attention and do their research on any number of topics that interest them, that the mainstream media and Big Tech have a slanted point of view. Also, they omit stories that THEY feel are not important or don't fit their narrative.

Case in point: The Hunter Biden laptop story. Major news outlets ignored, or poo-pooed it and 50 former intelligence agents signed a letter saying it was Russian "disinformation."

Governor Murphy Holds Get Out The Vote Rally With Bernie Sanders
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Do you trust government-run schools to teach what is "disinformation"? The new requirement is to "teach media literacy" from grades K-12. The bill seeks to teach research skills, critical thinking and "other methods" that will help them spot misinformation online.

The research and critical thinking part is great. It's the other methods and who's doing the teaching that should be of great concern to parents.

Murphy proving once again he knows little about how our republic should function had this to say at the signing.

“Our democracy remains under sustained attack through the proliferation of disinformation that is eroding the role of truth in our political and civic discourse. It is our responsibility to ensure our nation’s future leaders are equipped with the tools necessary to identify fact from fiction.”

What he means is they want to get your kids from a very young age to think just like them.

And he goes right back to the buzzword talking point of his party for the last two years about "our democracy being under attack." Which again just means people who are right and disagree with him should be silenced.

It's Orwellian and disgusting. Check your kids' and grandkids' homework!

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