Last week I brought you the controversy over the "Media Literacy Bill," which passed with bipartisan support in the Trenton legislature.

The bill is designed to funnel what is defined as 'real news into the classrooms of your unsuspecting students.'

The question is who gets to decide what is real and what is fake?

Left up to the governor, anyone who questions the efficacy of vaccines or masks ( despite evidence debunking both) would be guilty of spreading misinformation.

According to the author of the bill, a radical leftist professor from Rowan, anything that Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity said would also be misinformation and not allowed.

To say the least, it's disappointing that so many legislators supported this, even without the Leftist bent on the message, just empowering the DOE — the same radicals who are still pushing a sexualized curriculum — has to make you pause.

The good news is that the new law has received national attention. And the fight for parental rights is at the next level.

Dr. Ben Carson, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development serving former President Donald Trump joined me on Friday to discuss the reasons it's bad policy.

You can listen to the audio below.

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