Monday night, Gov. Chris Christie will return to the New Jersey 101.5 studios for "Ask the Governor," hosted by Eric Scott. Tune in at 7 p.m. or come to and watch the program live at this post.

There are just months remaining in Christie's term as governor — and despite poll numbers at an all-time low, he's using what political capital he has left to tackle New Jersey's — and the nation's — opioid crisis.  When the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis met in Trenton last week, Gov. Chris Christie – the chair of the panel – announced an agreement made by pharmaceutical companies to work on creating new, non-opioid pain medications.

He's also announced a $200 million effort spanning several programs in an attempt to curb New Jersey's own out-of-control addiction epidemic.

That's just one of the topics we expect he'll tackle on Monday's Ask the Governor.

The governor's alliance with President Donald Trump comes under fire with each controversial statement the latter makes. But Christie says even though he is an ally and a longtime friend of President Donald Trump, he does not agree with the president on everything, and makes his opinion known when necessary. And he maintains he holds no grudge about not being offered a high-profile job in the Trump administration, like Vice President or Attorney General.

Christie could still find himself with a new role on the national stage. He hasn’t ruled out appointing himself to a U.S. Senate seat that might come open if Bob Menendez is forced to resign over bribery charges, but he recently told Fox News he’s not particularly wired that way.

And on one of the most controversial moves of his second term — It took a lot of hand-wringing, plus that unpopular hike in the gas tax, but the new deal reached for the Transportation Trust Fund is beginning to pay dividends, the governor says

Will Christie be a factor in this year's election? Will the end of his term lean into a new one with President Trump?

Find out on Ask the Governor.

The governor will be taking your calls at 800-283-1015 — but the phone lines fill up quickly. Fortunately, that's not the only way to get your question heard:

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