It's the best news you'll ever hear from Artie Lange, despite all his fame and success. Sunday he tweeted that he's 10 months clean.

It was just over a year ago that Lange, a native of Union township (Union County), came into our studios and announced that he was entering rehab.

It's been a long and winding road, during we we saw the comedian in different facilities including jail, dumping garbage and working at a gas station.

Artie returned to New Jersey 101.5 on Sept. 25, looking like a new man and taking responsibility for his actions.

He spent two hours  of his in-studio visit touching on everything from Howard Stern, how he handled rehab, along with an amazing story about his father, and how he plans to stay clean.

"I got a great sponsor and I got great people around me — again one day at a time. I never did it that way, that was my mistake. I put pressure on myself, I just gotta do it one day at a time," Lange said during his visit, also adding "I can't not perform, I gotta do what I gotta do."

Since getting done with rehab, Lange has returned to the comedy stage and has a performance set for Jan. 10 at the Count Basie Theatre.

He's started his own YouTube channel and on Monday is expected to share the initial episode of a podcast called "Artie Lange's Halfway House."

But amid all that, the best news to come from Artie will be the monthly announcements as to how he's staying clean. May they never stop coming.

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