Artie Lange is most loved comedian I've ever seen.

People come up to Artie on tour and wish him well in his battle with addiction. They give him religious medals, business cards from rehab places. Entertainers who are friends have offered to pay for it — but it doesn't happen until Artie himself decides to get help.

Monday night, Artie met with City Of Angels founder Kevin Meara, who just returned from the first ever DOJ Opioid Summit in Washington D.C., and with Artie's good friend and comedian "The Reverend" Bob Levy in the New Jersey 101.5 conference room. Now a recovery coach, actress Amy Locane shared her story making a connection— saying that even in the darkest place, through recovery you begin to see light.

Artie decided to get that help.

It was then he came into my studio — "a very humble" Artie Lange, very impressed by Kevin, and announced: "I'm about to go into drug treatment and commit to a full rehab, inpatient."

"Kevin's helping me, I'm a very humble guy at this point and I think I'm ready to go in and do what I got to do," Artie said. 

I could see the emotion in Artie's eyes, You could feel it in the room. I told him he was in good hands with Meara, who just got back from the White House speaking about opioids before President Trump. Artie came right back about about how he roasted Trump in 2004 and what a great guy he is to hang out with. Comic relief provided the emotional relief that filled the room as once again Artie became Artie. He made us laugh, he made Levy cry, and he made us all love him and hope he makes it through the rehab he so desperately needs.


Afterward, he tweeted out this:

Here's hoping he makes it! Salute Artie!

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