Artie Lange will soon be 8 months clean and sober as he begins a comedy tour Oct 4 that will take him to the Hoboken Comedy Festival, then upstate New York, Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island, How will he stay clean while on the road?

"It's part of my struggle, the only answer is a network of people around me," Lange said. "I got a great sponsor and I got great people around me, again one day at a time, I never did it that way, that was my mistake I put pressure on myself, I just gotta do it one day at a time. I can't not perform, I gotta do what I gotta do."

Here's hoping this time he's able to do it. So far he's looking good.

When Artie came into the New Jersey 101.5 studios, he was looking and sounding better than he had in years. When he first came in last on Nov 5, he announced his rehab with the help of Kevin Meara, founder of City of Angels. As he approaches 8 months sober, he credits both Meara and the rehab center Turning Point with his turnaround.

"Kevin Meara helped get me into the retreat, the retreat got me off heroin," Lange said. "And then this last go round I went to Turning Point in Patterson, these last three months and they helped me get off everything else. It was a combination of those two amazing places."

"I really gotta give props to Turning Point," Lange went on to say. "My counselor Sara, there was a guy named Bugs, a counselor aide, they helped save my life. I feel fantastic and props to Turning Point."


You can get tickets for Artie's tour here.

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